Products for erection: nutrition rules, list of healthy foods, secrets and tips

eat for strength

Potential problems can start at any age. Men associate it with bad habits, hard work, stress - everything, but not with food addiction. At the same time, nutrition directly affects the work of each organ individually and as a whole. And an unbalanced diet causes the most disorders. At the same time, following a special diet can increase libido and increase potential. Today we will talk about products for male strength.

Lady in the kitchen, mistress in bed

See how strangely these two aspects of every woman's life are connected. After all, they are beautiful ladies who prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for their faithful. What products are used the most? Meat, fatty sauces, potatoes, salt. But every woman wants her man to be young and strong in every way. When choosing products for erection, you should pay attention to quality, because this is a key factor.

Basic rules

Remember that each person is unique. Therefore, the diet is designed separately. At the same time, one wants to get rid of a chronic disease, one wants to use products for prevention, and the third wants to prove to his wife that he is the best. And everyone has their own way of life, it can not be downloaded. But here are some general tips to follow:

  • Be sure to consult your doctor if you are currently receiving treatment. For example, by consuming oranges, you unknowingly reduce the effect of antibiotics.
  • Portions should be medium. Being hungry is strictly forbidden, it will only be harmful. But you don't need to eat much. Being overweight weakens the potential.
  • Generally, a therapeutic diet is applied until a result is achieved. However, in this case, the products needed for a good erection should always be consumed, otherwise the effect disappears.

What to look for

Of course, on the label, or rather on those on this or that food product. It is recommended to include in the diet:

  • Zinc sources. Increases the production of sex hormones. Seaweed, asparagus, celery, pumpkin seeds, squid and tea fish are high in zinc.
  • Sources of carotene. If vegetables and fruits are orange, they contain carotene. These are carrots, pumpkin, sea buckthorn, apricots. This element is needed to increase sexual desire and strengthen immunity.
  • Lif. It is very important not only for digestion, but also to speed up metabolic processes. This is important in the prevention and treatment of sexual dysfunction.
  • Glycine-containing products. This substance stimulates the production of the hormone testosterone, which affects the quality of erection and ejaculation.

What is worth giving

It would be good to learn what to avoid before considering products that increase potential. In most cases, this may already be enough to normalize sexual function. Remember that you will have to give up completely and forever.

  • Commercially produced beef and chicken. Of course, there is nothing wrong with meat products. However, farmed animals and birds consume large amounts of hormones along with food. If you eat such meat all the time, it will cause defects in the body.
  • Beer causes the most damage to the male reproductive system. In addition to alcohol, there are also female sex hormones.
  • Drugs. Marijuana, the weakest of these, can dramatically lower testosterone levels in the blood.
  • Smoking causes a sharp spasm of blood vessels, which disrupts the blood supply to all organs, including the penis.
  • Transgenic fats in margarine cause hormonal changes.
  • Medications used for hypertension, antispasmodics, sedatives, hypnotics, and gastric ulcers may impair sexual function. Therefore, you should consult a doctor not to treat yourself.
  • Caffeine destroys free testosterone.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption impairs liver function. This is a safe way to worsen sexual function.
  • Insomnia. If you do not get enough sleep every day, no product that increases erection will simply not help.
  • Bread and bakery products are another hit under the belt. Foods contain yeast, acids and sugar. All this lowers testosterone levels.
  • The sausage contains liquid smoke. Toxic damage to the testicles when swallowed.
  • High blood sugar.
  • Salt intake reduces testosterone production. Of course, the body needs salt, but it does not need excess.
  • With obesity, the hormonal balance is sharply disturbed and testosterone production is reduced.
  • Soy contains female sex hormones - phytoestrogens. It is harmless in minimal amounts, but if you replace the meat with it, it will be observed inhibition of the production of male hormones.

As you can see, in addition to knowing which foods increase erection, it is necessary to exclude the factors that cause the decrease in potential.

Tips for everyday life

The fast-paced pace of life causes women to not have enough time to prepare complex meals. But it does not matter. Today we will explore which products increase the strength, and among them, you will surely find a simple and affordable option for lunch or dinner.

  • Eggs have a very good effect on overall potency. Moreover, this applies to both quail and chicken. Inclusion of scrambled eggs in the diet will not take long, but it will strengthen the man's strength. Fried eggs with tomatoes and onions are especially good in this regard. Tomatoes also have a beneficial effect on erection, and onions are classified as an aphrodisiac.
  • It is important to note the benefits of meat, given which foods increase potency. There should be enough meat in the diet. It can be not only tenderloin, but also liver, stomach or testicles of fried lamb.
  • Seafood and fish have properties that have a beneficial effect on sexual function. Therefore, you need to love fish dishes. Enhances the effect with crayfish juice and seafood cooked with celery, lemon and tomato.

This allows you to plan your diet a few days in advance. Steamed cutlets with boiled eggs, salad and cooked uskumru, boiled eggs, fish soup and beef cooked with asparagus. . . You can continue to change your daily diet for a long time. All this is delicious and nutritious.

Secrets of different countries

Almost all the peoples of the world have asked this question and sought an answer. In addition, each had their own ideas about which products increase their potential. This is due to the fact that in each region, according to the characteristics of the climate, a limited list of foods is provided to people. And among them, of course, were those that are good for men's health.

  1. Italy is the birthplace of restrained and passionate men. And many doctors agree that the most common foods contribute in part. Olive oil and garlic are useful aphrodisiacs for erection. In sunny Italy, it is an integral part of almost all dishes. Tomatoes increase the potential, especially cooked or baked tomatoes.
  2. In India, more attention is paid to seeds and nuts. Sources of vitamin E have an extremely positive effect on sexual function. To increase the potency, sesame seeds, which are recommended to be mixed with honey in equal proportions, are used here. Eat them all with a dessert spoon once a day and after a month you will see an energy surge. In addition, coriander is generally added to bakery products.
  3. The French consider snails and artichokes to be foods that strengthen the erection.
  4. Caucasians use sour milk products.
  5. In Central Asia, peanuts are an excellent choice.
  6. For this purpose, the peoples of the south use figs washed with tea with spices: ginger, saffron and cloves.

Almost everyone agrees that you should add as much greenery as possible to your food. Basil, asparagus, celery, coriander, parsley are all very useful for sexual activity.

herbs and spices for strength

Sprouted grain

So much has been said and written about the benefits of small shoots that there is nothing to add at first glance. But it just seems so. When talking about which products improve erection, it is impossible to recall the source of inexhaustible vital energy. It is a sprouted grain and products made from it: bread, cereals, soups. Each seedling contains a large amount of vital energy, vitamins E, B and D. If you eat sprouted grains for only three days, you will feel a wave of strength and desire.

What is cooked from germinated grains

It is not enough to choose a product for a good erection - you also want to imagine what you will do with them. That is, how to turn them into delicious food that a man will be happy to eat. Try one of the following:

  • Sprouted wheat soup. Just one plate from the first meal a day is enough - and the result will be visible soon. For 0. 5 liters of water you need a few potatoes, two onions and a few carrots. Put everything in a saucepan and cook until tender, then add 2-3 tablespoons of sprouted wheat grains. It is better not to salt. We remember which foods improve erections. These are herbs and spices that can be added in large quantities to taste.
  • Sprouted cereal cutlets or tortillas. To do this, finely chop the grains in a meat grinder, then add the garlic, eggs and a little flour. Bake in the oven or in a lightly greased pan. It tastes like meatballs and the result is simply spectacular.
  • It has been proven that the peak of sexual activity occurs when sufficient amounts of vitamins A and E enter the body. Therefore, do not hesitate to add cod liver, egg yolk and animal fats to your diet.

What else to eat

It became clearer with the basic diet. However, we did not list all the products to increase the potential. According to statistics, more than half of sexual dysfunctions in men are associated with stress and neurosis. Based on this, we need products that will help you relax:

  • Bitter chocolate. It is a natural antidepressant.
  • Brazil nuts. It has a calming effect due to its high content of selenium.
  • Bananas are a source of magnesium and potassium, B vitamins.
  • Oily fish is a source of fatty acids that inhibit the production of stress hormones.
chocolate for strength

Blood vessel care

Let's remember a little about physiology. An erection is the flow of blood to a man's genitals. Vascular problems primarily affect sexual function. Therefore, the products needed for a good erection should have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. First of all, these are:

  • Fruits and berries are high in rutin (vitamin K) and ascorbic acid. These are blueberries and strawberries, cherries and cherries.
  • Avocado. It is an excellent source of many unsaturated fatty acids, copper and iron.
  • Oily fish.
  • Grapefruit.

It is advisable to include in your diet foods that improve your erection at least a few times a week. Then the effect will not be long.

figs for power

Testosterone production

It is also a very important point to consider. In fact, it is a change in hormonal levels that allows a qualitative change to occur. Which erection products can increase testosterone production? These are sources of zinc. This micronutrient has a direct effect on sexual function and testosterone production, as well as sperm quality. Zinc is found in large amounts in the following foods:

  • Oysters and other shellfish.
  • Seaweed.
  • Chicken liver.
  • Soft cheeses.
  • Pine nuts.
to increase the strength of oysters

General strengthening effect

Every man will say that when he feels good, he is happy and cheerful, there is no possibility of potential problems. And you need to eat properly to maintain high performance. In some cases, when this is not enough, you can take additional ginseng decoctions. This well-known general tonic is actually an excellent stimulant. What else can you include in your diet to get a good result?

  • Garlic - a source of large amounts of sulfur, has a beneficial effect on protein synthesis.
  • Natural honey is a source of vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants.

Potential products are not exotic. Simple and affordable, they can significantly improve your health and sexual function. A rich assortment allows you to choose every day. And no one is forcing them to eat only shrimp and parsley, everything is average.

strawberries to increase strength

Instead of the result

Sex is important for every man. At the same time, the rhythm of modern life creates many preconditions for reducing potential. To prevent this from happening, you need to give up bad habits, eat right, and get at least 6 hours of sleep a night. Today we looked at products that can improve erection. Always include them in your diet. It is not a cure or medicine, but it helps maintain the balance of essential nutrients in the body and, as a result, has the most positive effect on sexual function.