Why do men's eggs hurt: causes and treatment

Male reproductive organs are located outside the groin area, which makes them more vulnerable than females. If a man's testicles hurt, the reasons can be very different, because it is very easy to damage the male testicles and genitals. Also, the testicles are exposed to infectious diseases and inflammatory processes. They are adversely affected by promiscuity, violent intercourse and long-term abstinence.

Representatives of the strong half of humanity are very sensitive to their dignity, so it is important for them to know which doctor to turn to and what to do in this situation.

Pain in the testicles in a man

A little anatomy

Testicles or testicles are male sex glands, divided into 200-250 lobules, between which there are partitions. Each lobule contains seminiferous tubules, where the nucleation and maturation of spermatozoa occur. Sperm enters the epididymis through the seminiferous tubules and is then transported to the vas deferens of the urethra. The structure of the testicles is quite complex, they include a dense network of blood vessels, so there are several reasons for damage to the testicle in men.

Healthy testicles can be easily felt through the scrotum and are smooth, elastic and round. Attachments are in the form of a roll. Testicles perform important functions for the male body. They multiply spermatozoa, produce testosterone. The appendages are responsible for the maturation of spermatozoa, the passage of spermatozoa from the testis to the vas deferens.

With the help of paired organs, the balance of hormones in the male body is maintained, because they produce testosterone and sperm, which are responsible for the formation of secondary sexual characteristics.

Unpleasant feelings occur at any age, differ in intensity and depend on the cause that caused them. If you need to determine the cause, you should see a doctor, so it hurts in one testicle or two at once.

The main causes of pain in the testicles

If the testicles hurt in men, then they often think that it happened as a result of a blow or a pinch, sometimes they even suspect that the banal flu, SARS, especially with complications, can negatively affect the work of the testicles. Testicular pain in men can be caused by hormonal disorders, injuries, vascular pathologies, and a large list of pathologies of the genitourinary and excretory systems. At the slightest pain in the scrotum, you should be examined by a competent urologist. It is better to check again to solve the problem: if the testicles hurt, what can it be and if it is treated, it is better than losing masculinity due to the aggravation of the disease.

There is a complete list of possible causes of pain. Pain sensations are different in intensity, occur in one or both testicles at the same time.

Urologists divide the causes of testicle damage in men into several groups. Each of the causes is autonomous, but at the same time, all organs in the human body are interconnected. Description of groups of causes that can damage a testicle in a man:


This group of reasons that cause damage to the egg in men includes mechanical damage to the testicles and genitals during impact, as well as injuries that cause damage to the nerve endings that penetrate the penis and testicles.

Such injuries occur as a result of hypothermia, overheating, frequent self-satisfaction, as a result of which the right testicle hurts after masturbation, but discomfort can be observed on the left, as well as on both sides at the same time.

If the injury occurred during very active friction during sex, improper use of sex toys, the eggs are damaged after sex.

Causes of damage to the testicles in men include wearing tight underwear, exposure to chemical or radioactive exposure at home or work.


In this case, if a man's eggs are damaged by excitement, the reasons for this are an erection that does not end with ejaculation. If there is pain in the testicles during abstinence or after incomplete ejaculation, there will be nothing terrible and pathological for the reproductive organ. Scientists explain from a genetic point of view why men's testicles hurt after a long period of excitement. They attribute this to the tension of the testicular muscles, which causes them to spasm.


Sexually transmitted diseases, inflammatory processes cause damage to a man's eggs.

Vascular pathology

This group of reasons that cause pain in the testicles in men includes numerous problems with blood vessels. This is a blockage of the blood vessels that supply the testicles with food, it damages the eggs, torsion of the testicles, resulting in necrosis, if you do not consult a specialist in time, varicocele (varicose enlargement of the testicle vessels, the testicle hurts and pulls in the scrotum in the last stages).


This group of reasons that cause damage to the eggs of men includes prostatitis, urethritis, urolithiasis and other pathologies, from which pain is transmitted to the testicles.

Diseases that cause pain in the scrotum

If it hurts in the groin area, you should understand that only a consultation with a competent urologist will help you get recommendations for treatment.

This may indicate the presence of the following diseases:

Inflammation of the seminal vesicles (vesiculitis)

Inflammation, as a result of urethritis, develops when an infection enters the seminal vesicles with the flow of blood from the urethra. Vesiculitis causes pain in the testicles and lower abdomen in men.

Urolithiasis disease

Another reason why eggs can harm men. If a person consumes a lot of salt as a result of a diet violation, he develops obesity, genetic predisposition, inflammatory processes in the organs of the urinary system, and metabolic disorders. Doctors use proven treatment regimens for a long time, they know what to do if the testicles hurt as a result of urolithiasis.


This is an inflammatory disease caused by hypothermia, reduced immunity, and hormonal imbalance. It often causes painful pain in the testicles in men.


If a man has testicles, he should be tested for urethritis. This is a disease characterized by the development of bacterial flora in the urethra. The bacteria then travel with the blood to the testicles, causing them to develop a bacterial infection. What to do if the eggs are damaged due to urethritis, the urologist decides. Usually, a course of antibiotics is prescribed in the form of injections or drops.

urethral cancer

Malignant tumor that metastasizes to the testicles. When the diameter of the tumor is more than 3 cm, the testicle hurts. The diagnosis sounds quite scary, so if the testicle hurts in men, it is better to make sure that it is not cancer.


A man's testicles are caused by sexually transmitted diseases. In particular, these are syphilis, genital herpes, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia, granuloma, gonorrhea. The main causative agents of these diseases are fungi, bacteria, and viruses. In this case, damage can occur directly in or under the testicles, and the pain is often of a constant dull nature. In men whose causes are sexually transmitted diseases, pain in the testicles is accompanied by discharge from the penis, wounds on its surface, and an increase in lymph nodes. You should contact a venereologist who will find out why the testicles hurt, advise what to do to relieve the discomfort.


Disease associated with varicose veins of the pampiniform plexus of the testis. Due to the anatomical features of the structure of the circulatory system, it develops mostly on the left. Therefore, if the left testicle hurts after intercourse, it is necessary to check the presence of this disease.

Malignant tumors of the testicles

If your left testicle or testicle hurts after sex, you may develop cancer. The disease causes hereditary predisposition, severe testicular damage, cryptorchidism. However, urologists say that the testicles are the only place where the causes of malignant tumors have not yet been determined, and in this case, the testicles are the only place why the male organs hurt. They have not yet been fully explored.


If pain in the testicles is accompanied by a change in the shape and texture of the skin of the scrotum, it is most likely due to a drop of the testicle (hydrocele). Men describe the pain syndrome as a feeling of heaviness in the groin caused by the accumulation of fluid in the testicles. Dropsy is one of the most common causes of testicular pain in men.

Inguinal hernia

If the right side of a man's abdomen hurts and radiates to the testicle and leg, this indicates the presence of a localized inguinal hernia on this side. Hernias are surgically removed, but after that the pain syndrome in the testicles bothers men for quite a long time. The discovery of an inguinal hernia explains why the testicles hurt when excited in men. When agitated, it can constrict and cause excruciating, sharp pain.

Violation of the valves of the vas deferens

If the pain in the testicles appears after intercourse, then the man has not ejaculated. Sperm is fully produced, but the sperm is not released after orgasm, but goes into the urine, which is why the balls hurt after sex.

Inflammation and infectious diseases

This is one of the most common reasons why men consult a urologist with complaints of pain or under testicles. Pain often occurs during intercourse. This may indicate orchitis, inflammation, prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland), epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymis) causing pain in the testicles.

With epididymitis, pain occurs on one side, gradually increases, the scrotum swells, the urination process is accompanied by burning, white fluid is released from the urethra. If epididymitis is diagnosed, if a man's testicles and lower abdomen hurt, what should I do in this case? Urgent treatment is necessary, otherwise infertility may develop in the future.

Orchitis is a common cause of testicular damage. With orchitis, the testicles not only hurt, but also increase in size, a temperature appears, the pain spreads to the groin and lower back. If a man's ovaries are damaged due to orchitis, what should I do in this case? It is necessary to consult a competent specialist and carry out complex therapy.

Prostatitis is a common cause of testicular pain in men. Inflammation of the prostate gland, which can occur in acute and chronic form. The acute form is characterized by severe pain that appears sharply and disappears quickly. The chronic form causes occasional pulling, mild pain in the testicles in men. Pain occurs when urinating. If the testicles in men hurt due to prostatitis, only a doctor can decide what to do.

The most dangerous causes of the disease

A number of reasons can harm the health of men's eggs. They happen rarely, but nevertheless, in order to be prepared, you need to know these serious reasons why a man's eggs hurt and how to treat them.

These include:

  • Severe trauma to the scrotum.

    It often causes sharp and painful pain in the testicles in men. With mechanical movement, it is possible to break the integrity of the testicle. In this case, a person is haunted by severe and unbearable pain, from which he may fall into a state of shock and lose consciousness. If a husband's balls are sore due to an injury, a quick decision must be made as to what the wife should do. See a doctor immediately to avoid complications that can even lead to testicle loss.

  • Torsion of the spermatic cord.

    A very dangerous cause of damage to the eggs requires an immediate visit to a urologist. It most often occurs during sleep. In this case, a man without visible injuries, in the absence of diseases of the reproductive system, suddenly has a sharp pain in the scrotum, radiation to the leg. But sometimes twisting occurs during active movements during sex, this is the answer to the question: why do the testicles hurt after sex.

    The disease causes pain in the testicles, and because the nerves and vessels supplying the testicles are compressed, it quickly leads to the development of necrosis of the testicle tissue. There is a reason why the testicle can hurt more in childhood, it can be provoked by great physical exertion in men.

    In a normal state, each testicle is suspended in the spermatic cord through which veins and arteries pass. Sometimes the testicle moves in the scrotum and the cord is twisted. Blood flow to the testicle stops, sperm cannot be expelled. In this case, you must know why a person's eggs are damaged for no reason, because the situation quickly becomes critical, because the twisting causes atrophy and necrosis of the testicles.

Physiological reasons

In men, discomfort and pain in the testicles are not always related to the development of pathological processes. Often this is due to simple human physiology. This happens when sperm is not released after sexual arousal and explains why the balls hurt after the lift. It happens more often in adolescence, when young men are very sexually active, but at the same time they still do not understand why men's eggs are damaged, they do not know how to relieve sexual tension.

But sometimes the question of why eggs are damaged after being stored for a long time also worries adults. If a man is excited, the genital organ swells due to blood flow. If for any reason he is unable to have sexual freedom, he will have pain in the testicles. If there is a problem in which the testicles suffer from abstinence, the question of "what to do" is solved in several ways:

  1. Sex. You can solve the question: what to do if the eggs hurt from excitement, with the help of sexual intercourse, during this time, the excess tension from the testicles will decrease and the pain will disappear.
  2. Self-satisfaction. Another answer to the question: what to do if eggs suffer from abstinence.
  3. Avoid thoughts about sex. If the eggs suffer from abstinence, but doctors forbid sexual intercourse, you need to wait a few hours until the excitement itself subsides (usually the pain does not last more than 4 hours).

However, it is worth knowing that if the testicles hurt after masturbation, it may have the opposite reason, that is, the man often ejaculates in a short time. These pains are not life-threatening and pass within a few hours. But in this case, men should moderate their sexual desire.

The causes of pain in the testicles in men can be various types of surgical interventions in the abdomen and groin. After such operations, sexual intercourse is usually restricted for some time, so the testicles are carried with ejaculation, pain appears. In this case, there is only one answer to the question of what to do when the eggs in men are damaged by excitement in the postoperative period - to wait until they pass by themselves.

Diagnosis, treatment, prevention

The reasons for damage to a man's eggs are different. Representatives of the strong half of humanity should know in which cases it is impossible to delay the process and if the testicles hurt, which doctor to consult, the reasons for this in men, how to treat it. An urgent visit to the doctor is necessary in the following cases:

  • if there is a sharp pain in the testicles in men when touching the testicle;
  • after sexual intercourse, the testicles hurt, harden, the color and shape change visually;
  • aching pain in the testicles intensifies over time;
  • a bulge appeared in the scrotum;
  • if a man's testicle hurts, the temperature rises, nausea and vomiting appear;
  • after an injury, a person's testicles hurt for an hour.

In such cases, not everyone knows which doctor to turn to. You should contact an andrologist urologist to determine the cause of discomfort in the testicles and understand why the eggs can be damaged. This is a doctor specializing in male diseases. Do not independently determine the causes and treat at home. Especially if the discomfort in the testicles is caused by pathological conditions, you can lose time.

In some cases, a simple examination and palpation of the testis is enough to determine the causes of pain in the testicles in men and prescribe treatment. The doctor examines the tissue of the testicles and conducts a comprehensive visual examination. Usually after that it becomes clear why the testicles hurt.

If it is not possible to detect a pathology after examination and palpation, what does it mean to determine why a man's testicle hurts, ultrasound of the scrotum, MRI, spermogram, blood test, urine test, smear from the urethra, biopsy of the testicles if necessary. Such diagnostic methods allow you to determine the cause of the disease and decide how to get rid of pain in the testicles.

It is better not to delay a visit to a specialist, because the sooner the diagnosis is made, the sooner the treatment will be prescribed if the causes that cause pain in the testicles in men are determined. Especially when it comes to such a male organ, this is very important.

The solution to the problem of why the testicles hurt depends on the diagnosis. Factors such as the age of the patient and the characteristics of the course of the disease play a major role, because even within the same disease, different treatments can be prescribed.

Prevention will help reduce the risk of causes of testicles in men.

Prevention is as follows:

  • wear loose underwear made of natural fabrics;
  • regular self-examination and palpation for changes in the color and density of the scrotum, which allows you to determine what is causing the testicles;
  • constant sexual intercourse, preferably with a partner, because long-term abstinence in men causes pain in the testicles;
  • to observe safety rules while doing physical work and sports.

Most of the time, the causes of damage to the eggs in men are not life-threatening. But in some cases, it indicates that there are certain problems in the body. What to do when the eggs are damaged in men with varicose veins of the pampiniform plexus, hydrocele and other serious diseases should be decided by a specialist who needs immediate help.