The best recipes and tools to increase potential

how a man's weak potential can be increased

Potential disorders cause more psychological damage to men than other diseases that result in "male weakness. "

It is recommended to use folk remedies to treat wounded male pride and at the same time increase the potential in men to improve the health of the whole body and especially the reproductive system: foods, herbs and sports. By the way, many patented drugs are based on plant extracts.

Medical studies have identified several causes of erectile dysfunction in men:

  • common diseases (atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, hypertension);
  • diseases of the genitourinary system (prostatitis, vesiculitis, prostate adenoma);
  • disturbances in hormone levels (especially testosterone);
  • Disorders of the vessels of the genitals and pelvic region (degenerative processes in the vessels as a result of alcohol use and smoking).

These diseases can lead to a decrease in strength after 40 years, not after 50-60 years, as in 70-80% of all cases of "physiological erectile dysfunction". Often, sedentary work and even exercise are the cause of decreased sexual function.

Hormonal disorders cause another problem: the mechanism of spontaneous (nocturnal) erections is disrupted. Such a small thing may seem like an unexpected and accidental physiological event, but these erections are important for the reproductive system to remain "ready to move at the right time. "

Folk remedies for emergency care

to increase the strength of oysters

Is it possible to increase the potential with folk remedies for 3 days? Healers and witch doctors claim that there are many natural "male power stimulants" that grow both on the ground and in the air. Many of these funds are included in all international Red Books.

The shaky stomach of a camel is especially popular. In an older person, foods that awaken youthful agility are required in extremely small quantities: a piece of meat (5-10 grams) can provide more than 4 hours of regular "companionship". A few camel stomach tincture in alcohol (not more than 70 °) will do the same thing.

Raw oysters are considered a food that causes active sexual intercourse. Sea shells contain many zinc and amino acids that stimulate testosterone production. In addition, oysters contain the hormone "dopamine" (aka "dopamine"), which makes men feel sexual desire and pleasure. Doctors do not recommend eating a lot of oyster meat due to its ability to accumulate mercury, but a small amount of this delicacy will also increase a man's desire and ability to "have sex" all night.

It is interesting how semi-precious and precious stones move to increase their strength. Tourmaline is loaded from the sun and transmits solar energy to the human body in the form of infrared radiation. Manufacturers of underwear with tourmaline additives guarantee a rapid increase in potential in the shortest possible time, and medical research confirms these promises: infrared radiation has an anti-inflammatory effect and normalizes the condition of blood vessels in the pelvic region.

Medicinal plants

Treatment with herbal infusions, decoctions and ointments can help eliminate the causes of erectile dysfunction. A major advantage of using herbs to increase potency in men is the absence of side effects (unless the dose is overused).


The "root of life", as Asian medicine calls the rhizome of this plant, is used in the treatment of potential disorders as a powerful stimulator of all processes in the body. The vasodilator effect, which affects the area of the reproductive system, helps the flow of arterial blood to the corpus cavernosa. General strengthening and tonic effects prolong the duration of sexual intercourse, reduce fatigue.

In addition, ginseng stimulates the production of hormones (testosterone), normalizes blood sugar and calms neurotic anxiety.

The drug is not recommended for use in the form of Chinese alcohol tincture (the effect of alcohol neutralizes the tonic properties of ginseng). It is better to use a mixture of honey and powdered dried carrots (700 grams of honey and 35 grams of dry matter). Ointments with ginseng extract are recommended for topical application (massage).

Sally blooms

Ivan tea or "narrow-leaved wood" contains large amounts of vitamins C, B, E, trace elements, amino acids, bioflavonoids and pectins. The ingredients in Ivan tea have anti-inflammatory effects on the reproductive system, treat prostate adenoma and stimulate testosterone production.

Wood tea is used as a sedative against stress. Ivan tea is rich in iron and manganese, which uses the broth to increase hemoglobin in the blood and treat anemia.

Dry or fresh plant is so rich in alkaloids (caffeine) that it is recommended to take it only in the form of decoction or tea.


to increase the strength of parsley

Parsley is used in almost all cuisines of the world as a table spice that you can grow herbs in the spring.

In folk medicine, parsley is used as a strengthening agent that lowers estrogen levels and normalizes the density of blood vessel walls.

Vitamin C, which is more than lemon, supports the male immune system.

For medicinal purposes, all parts of the plant are used both fresh and dried.

100 grams of fresh herbs will give the male body what it needs to stimulate the endocrine system and increase strength.

Stinging nettle

nettle to increase strength

Stinging nettle (drug) is used as a complex drug in the treatment of potency disorders: it treats prostatitis against inflammation, strengthens small blood vessels in the genitals, increases the level of red blood cells in the blood and prevents blood blockade. enlargement of the prostate adenoma.

The seeds of the plant are mixed with ground and fresh bananas and used as food to enhance sexual arousal.

All parts of the plant, especially the roots and seeds, are used as raw materials for decoctions.

The leaves can be used as a vitamin salad (nettles are very high in vitamins A, C, E).

Far East Schisandra

In terms of the amount of biologically active substances, lemon grass is not far from ginseng. In the treatment of male problems, the plant is used as a tonic, a sedative for neuroses and a stimulant for sperm production.

Berries (seeds contain essential oils) and lemon leaves are used to make medicinal infusions and teas. Dried berries contain so much active ingredient that you can experience a wave of energy and excitement 10-15 minutes after eating 3-5 berries.


Ginger root contains essential oils, alkaloids, vasodilators. Ginger tincture in vodka contains these substances in a dissolved form, so it can be used as a local rub or taken orally (dissolved in tea).

What you need to eat to increase your potential

A man with erectile dysfunction should include foods that will increase his potential in his diet: vegetables, fish and lean meat.

Some vegetables are used in folk medicine as a remedy for "male problems". But no matter what a man needs to eat, the hostess must remember - everything fried and greasy affects the potential level, such as the shock dose of alcohol. The body uses all its energy to digest heavy foods and simply works hard.

Therefore, medical fasting under the supervision of a specialist is the same medicine to increase potential as Yohimbe.


turnips to increase strength

Turnip is considered one of the oldest cultivated vegetables. Vegetables contain B, C, A, PP group vitamins, polysaccharides and trace elements (zinc, iron, manganese, iodine and copper).

The root plant contains a unique compound called "glucoraphanin", which has antibacterial and anti-cancer properties among vegetables.

Fresh or cooked root vegetables are used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Fried turnip salad mixed with carrots can have a firming effect for 3-4 days.

In folk medicine, there is a recipe to increase the potency of turnip seeds ground, mixed with honey and taken before the main meal. However, the usual garnish of boiled turnips has the same effect on the male body as taking seeds: it increases strength and increases libido.


onions to increase strength

Even the ancient Romans knew that summer could have an aphrodisiac effect on a man.

Fried eggs with onions are considered a dish that helps to increase the potential spontaneously.

The alkaloids in the root plant increase sexual desire in men.

French onion soup is a complete aphrodisiac, but only if eaten before a date.


nuts to increase strength

Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, foods rich in vitamin E, B vitamins, necessary for the nervous system to ensure the efficient conduction of impulses of the nervous system.

Daily consumption of a small handful of this beautiful fruit saturates the body with calories, improves memory, normalizes cardiovascular function, slows down cell aging, increases libido and improves erection. Hazelnuts are one of the natural plant aphrodisiacs due to their positive effect on men's sexual activity.

To increase the potency, it is recommended to mix honey with nuts and dried fruits. Nuts boiled in honey are considered a flavor that does not only stimulate male potency. . .


Sea fish should be in the diet of a person who is interested in the health of the reproductive system and especially its potential. The most useful are fish and mackerel.

Cottonseed contains natural aphrodisiacs that increase male libido. The flesh of this fish is not fatty, it is rich in vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, it is considered a dietary product.

Pasta is good for men suffering from testosterone deficiency: meat contains fatty omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which are involved in the synthesis of the hormone. It is not recommended to fry or fry fish. The maximum diet and therapeutic effect manifests itself when eating steamed or boiled fish in a minimum amount of water.

Nitroglycerin ointment

In medical practice, ointments for external use find new uses due to the universal effect of substances on different organs. Nitroglycerin ointment, which serves as a drug for the treatment of acute hemorrhoids and anal fissures, has become a popular tool to increase potency.

Nitroglycerin (the second is lanolin), one of the two components of the ointment, relaxes the muscles of the anal sphincter, relieves pain and spasms.

When local nitroglycerin ointment is applied to the prostate and genitals, men experience warming in the treated areas,blood flow improves and arterial blood filling of the penis accelerates. . . This is due to a slight relaxation of the muscles of the penis, dilation of small veins and arteries. The decrease in muscle tension does not affect the body's ability to block blood flow from the cavernosa, so the resulting erection does not weaken and continues until the nervous system signals to "blockade".

In addition, nitroglycerin prevents heart cramps during sex.

Physical training and massage to increase strength

rotation of the pelvis to increase strength

Exercises to increase capacity are aimed at improving blood circulation in the pelvic region and developing the "strength muscle" (pubococcygeal muscle) and are performed at home. Exercise not only prevents erectile dysfunction, but can also help eliminate existing erectile dysfunction.

The complex includes 7 exercises:

  1. Rotation by the pelvis. In the "feet shoulder width apart" position, turn the pelvis to the right and left (10 movements in each direction).
  2. "Parade step". Raise your knees to your stomach as you walk.
  3. "Catch a stone. "Tighten the gluteal muscles several times while standing on slightly bent legs.
  4. "Bridge. "Lie on your back and lift your back and pelvic area. The support is distributed to the legs by pressing on the shoulders and ground.
  5. "Cycle". Lift your back by lying on your back and leaning on the ground with your legs bent, and alternately move from foot to foot as you pedal the bike.
  6. "Potential muscle training. "Stretch the pubic-coccygeal muscle vigorously (10-15 times) by lying on your back and resting your feet on the ground.
  7. "Vacuum cleaner". The second exercise is the pubococcygeal muscle. Sitting in a chair, tense the area between the scrotum and the anal area, try not to catch the gluteal muscles (10-15 times).

Performing one set of these exercises, especially the last two, will significantly strengthen erectile function and even manage the duration of an erection.

Prostate massage has a therapeutic and prophylactic effect to increase potency and is performed by a specialist - a urologist. The procedure is performed for the first time to obtain secretion from the prostate gland for examination. It is then repeated to improve the permeability of the channels.