Figure: Where is the G point in men and women

Point G occurs in both women and men. And not elsewhere in the most intimate zone, and has the shape and size of a small chestnut.

It's hard to find, but if you want, everything will be fixed, the main thing is to be interested in it. Because it is located under the bladder, it is very easy to find by touch.

G point in women

The female G-spot is near the clitoris, in front of the vaginal wall. Depth of penetration is between 3 and 5 cm. The range of "pleasure point" is between 1 and 10 cm. Can be placed: in the center, left and right.

Where is the G-spot in men?

In a person, you can find point G only in the anus, you need to move your finger 4 centimeters forward. You should be able to feel a small swelling in the front of your abdomen.

While massaging this point, the man gets a brighter orgasm than normal sex, and stimulation of the penis is optional.

male g-spot stimulation

G point massage

G point massage for men

To massage the prostate gland, you need to follow a few rules:

  • a person should lie on his back and relax completely, stiffness and tightness will only cause painful sensations. Due to the lack of complete relaxation in men, this procedure brings more and more people only negative feelings and emotions;
  • Before you begin your actions, ask your partner if he or she agrees. Not all men welcome such intimacy;
  • you should not have long or elongated nails to avoid harming your partner during the massage;
  • hands should be clean. Do not touch the genitals with your hands after entering the rectum. Various microorganisms that enter the skin of the hands during stimulation of the prostate gland cause inflammation of the female and male genitals;
  • sit between the man's legs and use a lubricating gel to gently insert your finger into the anus. When you feel a seal, start massaging gently;
  • You should not push hard, slow, but rhythmic movements. Watch your man and his reaction to what happened;
  • wash your hands thoroughly after massage.
  • Try to complete g-spot stimulation with oral sex.

Your man will be very pleased.

G-spot massage for women

When it comes to massaging the same point in the female half of the population, there are several points to note. The most important thing is that your partner is completely calm and comfortable.

To bring it to this state, you can pay attention to the environment and analyze the existence of romantic and aesthetic beauty. Of course, music plays a very important role in establishing contact between people, which should be chosen taking into account the tastes of the partner.

An excellent addition to the above will be the opportunity to take a hot bath with foot and body massage or a lot of essential oils and scented candles. A man should not forget that he loves the weaker sex with his eyes and ears, so it is necessary to show his desire for actions at a glance, while accompanying the process with beautiful definitions.

When the young lady's resting state reaches its peak, you can safely continue the inner massage, it is necessary to do it very carefully, regularly ask your partner if he enjoys it. Maximum orgasm for a woman is possible only by pressing the G point, and this push will allow her to flow faster.